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What is a "Project" in Cinema8 Environment

Cinema8 is an interactive video creation platform. We create projects to create these interactive videos. So, what exactly are these projects in Cinema8? How else is it used? What are the reasons for our project creation, let's look at them.

1- Cinema8 uses video storage as well as interactive video preparation. When you only want to publish the videos, you upload to Cinema8 (even if there is no interaction), you still have to create a project over the video. Because when you create a project by selecting only one video, the link of the video can be shared and used.

2- When you want to create an interactive video in Cinema8, you must create a project and add the interaction tools within the project to the video. That's why every interactive video is actually a project.

3- You need the embed code to use the interactive videos you have prepared with Cinema8 on your own website or other platforms. Cinema8 projects provide you with this opportunity. When you create a project for a video, you can get the embed code of this project and embed your video in other platforms.

4- In Cinema8, if you want to create a storyflow, you need to place projects in this stream, not raw videos. Because only interactive projects can be put into storyflow. So, if you turn the videos you want to stream into projects, it would be good. How to use Storyflow, click here to review. 

5- If you have created a tube in Cinema8, you need projects to add videos to this tube. You can also create playlists and publish your own courses with these projects.
Click here to learn how you can create a project.