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Videos in to Interactive Videos with Html Widget

You can add a lot of things with Cinema8's Html widget to your videos. One of them is to add video anywhere on your video. To do this, you need to have the embed code of the video that you will add. You can get this code from any of your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Cinema8 or other different platforms. Let's make an example of embedding Cinema8 videos.


To get the embed code of a video in Cinema8, you must first create a project from that video. You can click here to see how to create a project.

Click the blue Actions button to the right of the video in the projects list. Select Embed Code from the list. Copy the entire code in the window.

Now, go to the editor screen of your main video where you want to position this video. Drag and drop the Html widget on the right panel to the timeline of your video.

Cinema8 - Videos in to Interactive Videos with Html Widget

Click the Source button with the <> icon in the window. Add the Embed Code that you copied to the Text field. If you wish, you can change the parameters in Embed Code such as changing its size or turning off the full-screen mode. After making all your settings, click the Ok button and save.

The video you added appears on your main video. If you wish, you can resize it by holding the bottom right of the video or move it to any area on the video. You can read this article to examine the Properties area of the Html widget in more detail.