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Using Cinema8 Videos in Facebook

It is very easy for video content to be presented online to reach the audience. It can be shared in many places, especially video content platforms and social media platforms. This situation varies for interactive videos. Not all platforms, especially social media platforms, support the sharing of interactive videos. Despite all this, Cinema8 allows you to share your interactive videos on social media as much as possible.

You can share your Cinema8 interactive projects on Facebook through advertisements, Facebook metatags and Facebook features.

Facebook metatags

You can add links of your interactive videos to images, titles, and texts you share on Facebook. This way, viewers are directed to your interactive video when they click on your image, title, and text. You can click the link to learn more about Facebook metatags.

For desktop

You can share your Cinema8 interactive video links using Facebook featured tabs.

For mobile

By using Facebook's Instant Articles, you can share the links of the interactive videos you have prepared in Cinema8.

Click here to see how to use interactive videos in social media.