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Using and Animating Creative Fonts in Videos

Many successful brands are developing design systems to provide a consistent user experience. The need for Design Systems goes hand in hand with the need for scale, efficiency, and consistency in Design.

Imagine that your company has a product that it has been building for a long time. It’s likely that the many teams working on different parts of the product will create inconsistencies in the product over time.This is same for marketing and sales materials and videos used in these disciplines. Using different colours, fonts and providing different user experiences across different marketing campaigns provides a bad perception around the brand.

Design Systems Aim to Solve this by Bringing Order to Chaos.

They help teams by giving them a more structured and guided way to build solutions for their product problems.
“A design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.”

Cinema8 allows you to customize many of the interaction elements and also the video player to keep your interactive video designs compatible with your design systems. In this way, your interactive video content can be developed in harmony with your products,  services and campaigns developed with consistently with your brand's design system.

One of the most important of these customization capabilities of Cinema8 is that it allows you to use the fonts used in your brand's design system in video design processes very easily and quickly.You can also animate any content created with these custom fonts.

Check this article to learn how to use your custom fonts in interaction design.

You can also read this article to customize the video player with your design systems colours and iconography to apply the main principles of Design Systems to your videos.