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Special Player Design for Videos

With this newly added feature, you can make video player changes according to your company or personal tastes. Edit your video's player colors or icons. Then, assign the player design you have specially prepared to the interactive video you want. It is now possible to assign different player designs to each video.

Let's see how you can make new player designs;

Log in to Cinema8 and click the "Settings" button from the top right.

cinema8 creative studio 1

On the screen that opens, click the "Player Settings" button. Access the new player creation screen by clicking the “Add new player” button in this area.

cinema8 creative studio 2

After making your color and icon selections here, create your new player design with the "CREATE" button. This design you created is now ready to be used in videos.

cinema8 creative studio 3

So, how will we use the design we have prepared in our videos?

Log in to the editor of the interactive project for which you want to change the player view. Click the "Settings" button on the right and select the player design you just created from the "Player" field on the screen that opens and save it. Now your video is ready to meet the audience with the new player design.

cinema8 creative studio 4