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Project Settings and Configuration

When you complete an interactive video project, Cinema8 offers some features that are up to your preference. By changing these features, you can make the use of your video more effective.

Let's take a look at these useful features.

Interactive Video Articles - Project Settings and Configuration


When you turn on this feature, your video will start playing automatically as soon as it is opened with the link without having to press the play button.

Show Track Mark

It allows you to clearly show the locations of the interactive tools you add to your project (in the form of a yellow line) on the timeline of your project.

Show Share Icon

The share button that appears at the top right of the video allows you to share the video on social media platforms.

Show Suggested Videos

At the end of your video, it allows you to provide the viewer with a list of recommended videos containing other videos in your account.

Pause the video when the tab is inactive

If this feature viewer switches to another tab or takes the browser down while watching your video, the video pauses. The video won't play until the viewer comes back to the tab with the video.