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Organizing Projects

Even when working on your computer, you organize all your documents using the folder structure. This allows you to find the documents you will use later in a logical manner. You have experienced that it is very difficult to work especially in complex environments. Likewise, while working on a video CMS, you should work as tidy as possible. As the number of your videos increases, everything can get more complicated and this can be a waste of time. For this reason, Cinema8 has a folder and tag structure to organize your videos.

You have to create a project when you want to edit a video or add interactivity to your videos that you have added to the library. You can use the folder structure to organize your projects. You can create as many folders as you wish and move your projects into any folder. Also, adding tags to them while creating your projects provides you convenience when searching your project list.

Let's take a look at how you can organize your projects.

Creating a New Folder

Projects page welcomes you when you log in to Creative Studio. This page is in list view by default. You can switch to the folder view by clicking the folder icon in the top right corner of the page. Open the folder view when you want to create a new folder. Click the Actions button and select New Folder from the drop-down list. After typing the name and description of your folder, click the Create button. The folder you just created will appear at the top of your list. To change the display order, you can select your sorting criteria by clicking on the field with the titles. When you want to move a video to a folder that you’ve created, select your videos in the list and click the gray Actions button in the upper right. Click Move To in the drop-down list and select the folder name you want to move your video from the popup window. To delete existing folders, you can click the Action button on the right side of the folders and then click the Delete button.

So, how to choose a folder when creating a new project?

There is a button that allows you to select a folder in the project creation steps. When you click the Browse Folder button, you can make your video appear in the relevant folder by selecting the folder name from the window that opens. You can click here to view the project creation steps.

Tagging to Projects

Another organizer that will facilitate your work when searching for your video projects is to tag your projects. You can search in the list of projects using these tags. While creating a new project, you can type tags that you find meaningful to the Tag field in the project creation steps. In order to add a tag to an existing project, you can click the blue Actions button next to your project in the project list and then click Edit to reach the project steps and create a tag.

Search in Projects

You can filter by typing project names, folder names or tags among your videos in your project list.