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How to Use Question Templates

You can add questions to your videos with Cinema8. Check the link to learn how to add Questions to your videos.

Cinema8 allows you to customize the designs of the question templates you add to your videos. Let’s check how to change question templates.

First, return to the main menu and click on the "Tools" button.

Then click the "Question Template" button on the page that opens.

You will see the screen below.

1.    Search question templates

2.    Your question templates

3.    Default Question templates created by the Cinema8 team

4.    New Question template button to create your new Question template

5.    Settings of Question template


When system template is selected;

1.    Selected question template preview button

2.    Copy the ready question button. You can make changes to the current Question template design.

3.    New Question template button


When you click New Question Template;

1.    Name of Question template

2.    Status of New Question Template. You can turn it to active or passive. Passive Question Templates can not be accessible

3.    Button to create New Question Template

After creating the Question template, return to the “My Template” and click the “Actions” button, then the “Edit” button from the menu.

You will see the screen below

1.    Cinema8 development environment place where you can use your HTML code

2.    Cinema8 development environment place where you can use your CSS code

3.    Cinema8 development environment place where you can use your JS code

4-    Button to create your Question template design after HTML, CSS, JS code


You can test your Question template below.

1.    You can change the question style to test your Question template code

2.    Example to check your Question template code

Now it is time to use our Question template on our video. There are 2 different ways to use it in your videos. First, click the settings button from the Cinema8 admin panel.

Then choose “Player Settings”. You will see video players where you can design your player. You can add your Question template to your video player.

1.    Create a new player

2.    Edit existing player

You will see the screen below when you click Player Settings.

1.    Choose the design of your Question template

2.    Save the design of your Question template

The second way to use the Question template you have created is to choose the Question template from "Properties" in the studio part. For this, click on the question for which you will use the question design to view the "Properties" field.

You can choose your Question template from the Template button.

Note: When you choose Question Template from Player Settings, you will see the same design from all of your videos. When you change your Question template from the video’s Properties, It will change only that video’s Question template.