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How to Generate Leads from Your Videos

Lead generation, which is one of the most focused topics in the marketing and sales world, is the process of attracting the attention of people who are likely to buy the products and services of the companies. Its primary purpose is to provide access to the contact information that may allow the sales process to begin, with their permission. Lead represents potential customers here.

For the lead generation process, these teams try many methods such as YouTube ads, contests, surveys, participation in fairs. Most of these are done through digital channels. A good lead generation can make the sales cycle more efficient and provide greater success rates in new customer acquisition.

Cinema8 Articles - How to Generate Leads from Your Videos

Today, interactive videos have become one of the best methods for lead generation. With the various interactive marketing videos that you create in Cinema8, you can enable viewers to share their contact information with you. Your biggest assistant is to connect the forms you use in Cinema8 videos to your CRM and keep your potential customers there.

Let's see what kind of videos can be prepared.

Fun Teasers & Information

You can create fun teaser videos about your products and services. You can ask people some questions and find out what people know or want to know about your product. Or, let's say you have created a short, informative and attractive video about the benefits of employee learning. At the end of that, you can ask their enthusiasts to leave their contact address so that they can get more information.


Competitions and the urge to win something in the end have always been attractive to people. You can prepare competitions for your target audience regarding your products or services that you are trying to sell and score them. Finally, they will easily present their contact addresses to you to receive the award.


Most people like games. Gamifying your product videos allows people to have fun and be informed about your product. You can engage people with the game elements - points, achievements, levels, etc. you use in interactive videos. Who knows, maybe they are ranked 1st on your leaderboard with the score they get. It is quite possible to get the contact information to enable them to learn this and earn rewards.

Polls & Surveys

You can get your viewers' votes and conduct video surveys about products, services, hobbies, concepts and more. Vote in your interactive video and get contact information along with their votes.

All of the above mentioned are methods that can be used with interactive videos for lead generation. All the leads that you collect in these ways enter the sales funnel. Sales teams try to sell as a result of processes such as communication and proposal with these potential customers. So actually, the more people you collect to funnel, the better your chances of selling. Video and especially interactive videos are an excellent method for this.

Data Analytics Report

You can reach detailed reporting of the forms filled out by the viewers in your videos with one click from the Cinema8 Analytics screen. It also allows you to evaluate the data that you get IP address of those viewers, which device they use, from which region they watch, the interaction reports in the video, where they watch the video most.

In addition to all these detailed reports, when you link the forms you use in your videos to your CRM, the form data of the people who visit your video are automatically saved to your system.