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Google Ad Manager & Vast

You can increase your revenue by placing ads to your videos with the Google Ad Manager or Vast revenue model.

Google Ad Manager

You first need to have an ad account with Google Ad Manager. Let's take a look at how your ad account is integrated into Cinema8.

Cinema8 Articles - Google Ad Manager & Vast

After logging into Cinema8 Creative Studio, click Settings on the left panel. Click DoubleClick for Publishers on the page. Type the Network Code in your Google Ad Manager account to this field. After clicking the Save button, the integration process will be completed.

Vast (Video Ad Serving Template)

You do not need synchronization to serve video ads within your videos. Open the project you want to add and drag & drop the DFP element to its timeline. Write the Vast Tag of your video ad into the relevant field.

You can click here to see how to place ads on your videos.