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Enterprise Video Portal - Tube

It is desired to choose the most ideal platform for video sharing according to the need. Cinema8 Enterprise Video Portal - Tube is a corporate/personal video sharing platform and responds to different needs from different categories. With C8 Tube, you can create a private video sharing platform for your institution. If you wish, the user may require login. Whether you use it for business or as a public platform. You can have your videos watched or not watched without signing in. In fact, you can sign in to watch some videos, while you can make some videos viewable without logging in.

C8 Tube Settings

You can use your own logo on Tube. This is not the only customization you can do. You can decide whether your users can have a profile page and whether they can customize this profile page. You can share your social media accounts on your Tube page and change them yourself anytime.

If your users forget their passwords when logging into Tube, you can have the option 'I forgot my password'. You can also turn on the 'Signup' feature so that they can create accounts for themselves. You can easily turn these features on and off at any time. What you can do is not limited to these.

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Create Channel

You can create channels and customize these channels. By grouping your interactive or linear videos produced on different topics, you can enable your users to find the videos they are looking for. Moreover, you can set who can watch your channels by setting Security Permissions while creating channels. In addition, this applies not only to channels, but also to playlists and videos.

Let's assume that there is a big company and that there are people working in different departments. You want to give different online trainings to the employees of each department. So, you should assign the relevant training to different departments. Thanks to Cinema8 Enterprise Video Portal - Tube, you can do this very easily. All you have to do is create Channels and identify Security Permissions when creating them. You can make your work easier by adding playlists to the different channels you create.

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Create Playlist

Playlists make it easy for users to search for videos in Tube. You can easily share interactive video or linear video projects that you created before by creating a new playlist or adding to the existing playlist in your Tube account.

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