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Embedding Cinema8 Interactive Videos on Articulate Storyline8

You can add your interactive videos created with Cinema8 to your interactive content created with Articulate Storyline 360.

You can offer different experiences to your audience by using this feature of Cinema8. This allows you to combine your content created on different platforms. This feature will be very useful for you if you do not want to recreate the interactive content you create in Cinema8 with Articulate Storyline 360. It also allows you to create richer interactive content. You can add an interactive video that you create on a different topic or on the same topic into your other interactive content. Moreover, this process is very simple!


So, how to do it?

Get the embed code of your interactive video created in Cinema8 and add it to the project you created in Articulate Storyline 360 and publish it.

Log in to your Cinema8 account and find the interactive project you want to embed in the projects tab.


Click the Action button on the right side of the project and select the Embed Code option from the options.


A pop-up will appear on the screen showing the embed code of the interactive video. Copy the marked part (<iframe style= ...... </iframe>) of the code in this field.

Now, open your project or create a new project where you want to add the interactive video you created in Cinema8.


After opening the project, double click the scene shown in the image above. Your project will be shown scene by scene.


Your scenes are arranged on the left side of the screen like in the image. Click on the scene you want to add the interactive video you received from Cinema8 to the embed code. The scene you choose will open in the middle of the scene.


With your scene selected, click on the 'Insert' tab in the upper left menu of the screen. Click on the arrow under 'Video' in the menu that opens. Click on the 'Video from Website' option here.


The Insert Video from Website pop-up will open. Paste the embed code you copied from Cinema8 into the pop-up field and click the OK button.


The video added to your scene will look like the image. After completing all these processes, save your changes with Ctrl + S.


Click on the 'File' tab in the upper left corner of the screen and select 'Publish' from the menu that opens.


Select the 'Create a new item' or 'Publish a new version of an existing item' option in the pop-up that opens. If you want to create a new project, choose 'Create a new item' and write the project name in this field. If you want to overwrite your existing project, choose 'Publish a new version of an existing item' and select the project you want to save over. After completing these processes, click on the 'Publish' button.


This pop-up will appear when your project has been successfully saved. Now click on the 'View Project' button and view your project.


Your project and its Cinema8 interactive video will be displayed successfully. At the same time, the interactivity of your video that you prepared in Cinema8 will work actively.