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DFP And Vast Adds In Your Interactive Videos

What is DFP (Google Ad Manager)?

Google Ad Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Publishers) is Google software designed to manage the delivery processes of ads on different websites. It enables the delivery of video ads and banner ads through a code.

What is Vast?

Vast (Video Ad Serving Template) is a standard that provides communication by bringing advertisers' videos together with platforms that want to advertise. It allows video ads to be published with a code.

DFP & Vast allows you to add advertising videos and advertising banners between your videos or any second of your videos while bringing together your video content that you publish on different platforms with your audience.

Cinema8 DoubleClick for Publishers element allows you to add your DFP and Vast ads to your interactive videos. Thanks to the DoubleClick for Publishers element, you can earn revenue by increasing the clicks and views of the ad content you will publish in your video content. You can add advertisement videos and advertisement banners to any second of your video content or between your videos. Moreover, you can enable them to watch the ads you add into your videos depending on a certain condition. How?

Click here to see how to add the ad to your interactive video.

Watching ads depending on the condition

Let's say you ask questions to viewers in your interactive video. You can define conditions to enable them to watch ad if the viewer answers 1 question or 2 questions wrong. Likewise, if the viewer answers the questions correctly, you can enable them to watch the ad at the end of the video or at a different location.

Mandatory watch time

You can determine the compulsory viewing time of the ads you add to your video content, so you can optimize your advertising revenues.


You can easily integrate your Google Ad Manager account.

You can click here to see how to integrate your account.