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Designing Custom Forms

Have you ever wanted to add a form to your videos before? At least once, you have wanted to present your users form for your marketing studies, when you need someone's opinion, when you want to collect leads for your sales and for many other purposes. You can put various contact & information forms, survey forms that you create fitting to your needs in to anywhere in your video.

There are two options to add forms in Cinema8. One of them is the forms that you can show just before watching the video.

Cinema8 Artlices - Designing Custom Forms

If you wish, you can require the fields to be filled in this form, you can add a condition so that they cannot watch the video without filling the form. The form contains the Name-Surname and E-mail field that your audience can fill in. In addition, you can add an introduction and a Terms & Conditions text. Viewers cannot watch your video without reading and confirming this text.

Another way is to prepare your custom form fields for your own needs and place them in the video at any time interval. Cinema8 contains a wide variety of tools that you can design into your custom form. These are; Form Header, Paragraph, Text Field, Number, Test Area, Selection List, Radio Group, Checkbox Group, Date Field and Autocomplete fields. You can read the detailed article by clicking here.

Furthermore, you can access analytics reports of all these forms from the Analytics page.