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Cinema8 Creative Studio Version 2.1.1 Update 8

The time limit for the Countdown element is increased and the "visible" feature is now available.

The time limit has been changed from 999 seconds to 99999 seconds. Also, you can now make Countdowns visible/invisible based on your video editing.

Click to learn how to use Countdown features.

Private Token

A new feature is in the Private Token!

Creating a personal access token allows you to send interactive video URLs to your users or customers and easily track them through analytics. You can create multiple private tokens for a video and send them to multiple people.

By defining a name for the URL you share, you can easily track them through analytics. Thanks to these links, you can determine the expiry date and validity duration of the video.

Click to learn how to create private token.

Learn how to share your C8 videos using private tokens.

Cinema8: Private Token API

In addition, by integrating private token transactions into your own application via the API, you can offer these services to your customers.

Click to go to Private Token API page.