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Cinema8 Creative Studio Version 2.1.1 Update 7

Conditional Action Running Time Interval

Previously, conditional action only ran the first second that it was added to the video. Now, it checks the time interval from start to end and runs if it meets the condition.

For example; suppose that you add a conditional action that starts at 10th seconds and ends in 20th seconds. In the previous version, while the conditional action worked only when the video reaches 10th seconds, it can now be run at any time as long as the condition is met between 10th and 20th seconds of the video.


Mailto and Telno Features

A new feature is in the action list!
You are able to direct the viewer to an e-mail address by entering the e-mail address information.

  1. Open the action list.
  2. Select the Open URL.
  3. Write an e-mail address. You can use the parameters below:


#Adding a subject Subject
#Adding Body Text Subject&body=Your Body


With the word "mailto", as in the example, when the action you place in the video takes place, the default mail application on the viewer's device will be opened and a new mail will be created with the information you entered.