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Cinema8 Creative Studio Version 2.1.1 Update 5

New SCORM Export Options

Communication between Cinema8 and LMS is now much easier. Before, you could only use the completed feature based on the watch time of the video.

With this new feature, you can easily send SCORM complete, successful, and failed data based on any condition in videos such as score, button clicked status, and more. In addition, you can set and control any SCORM value here.

Learn how to use SCORM export options in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

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New Tool: Webhook

Webhook integration is now available in Cinema8. A webhook is an API method to provide data in real-time from a web page / an application to other applications. Now, you can use this method to inject your own business processes into your Cinema8 interactive videos.

Learn how to use Webhooks in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

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Automatic Variable Assignment to Questions

With a new feature added to the questions, the answers given by the audience are automatically kept as a value in the variable of the relevant question.

Now you can easily use people's answers anywhere in the video. Trigger different actions and shape your videos based on these answers.

Action Element Update

The actions in the "Action" element list were previously missing compared to the actions used in some element properties such as "onClick" list. These lists are now synchronized.

Additionally, only one action in the list could be selected before. Now, you can add as much as desired with a single action element.

Learn how to use action element in Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

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Trigger Update

"Mute Video" and "Playback Speed" features are now in the onStart, onClick, onEnd and onComplete list of some element properties.

Set Variable Function Allows Multiple Execution

In previous versions of Cinema8, the set variable actions you added into the videos were single-use. Now, it is optional with "Allow Multiple Execution" feature that comes to the "Set Variable" action.

As a sample, let’s assume that you assign 10 points to a variable of a button. When the viewer clicks this button, he gets 10 points. With this new feature, no matter how many times he clicks the button, the final score increases by 10 points.

Learn how to use multiple execution function Cinema8 by clicking the link below.

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