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Cinema8 Creative Studio Version 2.1.1 Update 10

Cinema8 Creative Studio Version 2.1.1 Update 10

• Multiple audio feature is active now. If there is more than one audio in your videos, the audio selection option will appear in the settings area of your video. This way, viewers can choose one of the audio options in your raw video and watch the video along with the audio option they choose.

• Premium featured animations have been activated in the widget library for Professional, Enterprise and Agency license types.

• The “Sync with Timeline” feature has been added to the audio element. With this feature, the audio files that you add to your video by using the Audio element will change dynamically according to the location of your video. E.g; Suppose you add a 2 minute audio file to the 1st minute of the video. If you bring the video to the moment of 01:30, your audio file will now play the 30th second.

With this feature, by adding multiple dubbing files to your videos, it is possible to dynamically switch between audio dubbing within the video.