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Tips & Tricks - User management-Users

User Management / New User

You can create multiple users and give different privileges to each user you create. You can ensure that the users you will create actively use their accounts. You can disable user accounts at any time. Enter the required user information and define the user's authorizations. You can limit or increase the authority of your users. You can authorize some of your users to 'only create projects'. or make them admin. Visit the article for different user privileges.

With this area, you can create new users.

In the status field, the user can be determined as active or passive.

Set the name of the user with the Name field.

Set the surname of the user with the Surname field.

Set the login password of the user with the Password field.

Specify the login username of the user with the Username field.

Write the email of the user with the Email field.

Determine the user's role in the system with the Security Roles field. Select from the security roles you previously created or give admin authority.