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Tips & Tricks - New Project - 360 Settings

Creating 360° Interactive Video Project in Cinema8 Platform

When creating a 360° interactive project in Cinema8, the most important point is to choose the option that indicates that our video is 360 ° on the project creation screen. (Step 11) Let's look at how to create 360° interactive video step by step.
1- Click on the “Projects” button from the left panel. Projects is the area where we can see the interactive video projects we have created before.

2- Click the "Create Project" button to create a new project.

3- Enter the name of the interactive video project.

4- Enter the description of the interactive video project.

5- Enter the tags of the interactive video project.

6- Select the visibility feature of the project.

Public: When you select this option, your video will be available to all users.

Private: When you select this option, you will see two customization options. The first one is the “Password” option. The password entered in this field is now the login password for your video. Anyone who do not have this password will not be able to watch your video. The second one is the “Domain Restriction” option. When you type a URL in this field, your video will only work on that URL.

Unlisted: When you select this option, your video will not appear to all users, only to the user groups you have selected.
7- Select the folder where the project will be located.

8- You can change the source video of the interactive video.

9- Click on the “Image Gallery” button to select a preview image from the image library.

10- Click on the “Video” button to take a screenshot from the video to select a preview image.

11- Mark this option to make interactive your 360° video.

12- Finally, after completing the required fields, click “Save” to create the project.

Creating an Interactive 360° Project in Cinema8-443 | Cinema8