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Tips & Tricks - Creating new interactive live stream

"Create Live Project" is the page where you can create a new live stream.

You can name your live broadcast with "Name" in the "Project information" field, enter the description of your live broadcast in the "Description" field, and enter live broadcast tags with "Tags".

You can determine the preview visual of your live broadcast on the "Projects" screen in the "Project media" field.

The "Privacy settings" area is where you can choose the privacy settings of your live stream. You can make your live stream public by selecting "Public", private to a certain group by selecting "Private", and completely private by selecting "Unlisted".

With the "Folder" field, you can select the folder where the broadcast will be placed after the live broadcast is finished.

With the "Display settings" area, it will solve the problem of gaps around the screen that videos experience on mobile devices due to resolution differences. According to the option you choose here, your live broadcast will be placed on all mobile devices without any gaps on the screen. (Image loss may occur in the horizontal plane in the Portrait option and in the vertical plane in the Landscape option)


When all live broadcast information is filled and the Create button is clicked, the "Rtmp information" field will appear on the screen. You can access RTMP Adress and Stream Name data from this area. Check out the related articles to learn how to live stream using this data.