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Basic Concepts of Media Streaming Over the Internet

Two different methods that allow us to access digital media such as music, video and photography are streaming and downloading. The process of reaching digital media with streaming is very different from the processes of downloading.

What is streaming?

Streaming is a technology that enables watching digital media in real-time without the need to download. When the media starts playing, the file starts coming from the server to the device playing the media. Thus, the media is displayed while the file continues to be stored on the device.

Streaming media vs downloading media

Streaming does not require downloading files in the media. When using Downloading media technology, you have to download the file. In the download process, you cannot view the file while downloading and you need to wait for the process to complete. In streaming, there is no need for such a waiting period since the file is not downloaded. You can view the media when you play it. When the file starts playing with streaming media, it becomes traceable.

No need to download for update to digital media

Nowadays, published media can be updated later. Let's say there is a video on a website. Let's assume that the viewer has to download this video to watch it. Once the video was downloaded, the viewer would have to re-download this video if it was updated. It would also have to download and check the video to see if there was an update in the video. All this means that a lot of storage space is required. With streaming media, these situations disappeared and the audience had the opportunity to watch the video on the same website at any time.

Storage space is free

Storage space is needed when using Downloading media technology. Phones and computers would need more storage if we had to download every viewed photo and every watched social media story. With streaming media, files can be viewed in real-time without the need for this. Moreover, without using any storage space.

Using time efficiently

If downloading media technology was used on social media platforms and websites, every file that you wanted to view would have to be downloaded first, which means a lot of hours. Thanks to streaming media technology, time is used efficiently.

Video became popular with Streaming Media

Let's assume that every file you want to view must be downloaded first. Both more storage space and more time would be needed. So probably, many of the stories shared on social media platforms were not as watched as today. Therefore, fewer videos were produced. Thanks to Streaming Media Technology, platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch have become widespread.