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Analytics & Reporting

Since digital content changes constantly and very quickly, digital content producers should measure the interactions their content receives. Content producers need to organize their content by evaluating the feedback they receive. What kind of content is loved, which content is not interesting, which content is recently popular answers questions are always wondered. Cinema8 Analytics allows you to get answers to all questions and more.

Cinema8 Analytics enables you to get detailed analytics of your interactive and linear videos.

You can view the analysis of your videos according to all time, or you can view them according to a certain time interval.

You can see reports such as general watch time of videos in your account, the number of views, how many people watch.

You can get information from which browsers, country, the operating system the videos are watched. You can even download this information in PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG formats.

In addition, you can view all the reports on a project basis. You can also view the person-based reports of the projects.

You can access and download information such as which interaction point it views, clicks, which answers to questions, and with which Cinema8 element interactions are made.

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