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Admin Panel and Navigation

Although Cinema8 is basically an interactive video preparation platform, it contains many different features. Moreover, it offers these features to its users with an easy use. Let's take a look at the Cinema8 main menu now.

When you are login to Cinema8, you can access all features through a menu.


1. Home: In this area, you can view recent projects you've created and projects you've added to favourites.

2. Projects: In this area, you can create interactive videos, open live broadcasts, access the editor screens of the projects you create, get the embed codes of your projects and access many more features of your projects.

3. Media Library: In this area, you can upload raw video, images, and audio to Cinema8 for use in your interactive videos.

4. Analytics: In this area, you can access the data of your interactive videos and download them to your computer.

5. Tools: In this area, you can design surveys and widgets, create webhooks or prepare question templates to use in your videos.

6. Storyflow: In this area, you can create stories by sequencing and adding the interactive videos you create in Cinema8 and present your videos to your viewers like a playlist.

7. Tube: In this area, you can create your own interactive video channel, create playlists from your videos and present them to your audience. Viewers can come to your channel and add comments and likes to your videos.

8. Channels: In this area, you can create different channels for the tube.

9. Playlists: In this area, you can create different playlists for the tube.

10. User Management: In this area, you can create downstream users so that others in your company can also use Cinema8, and you can assign authority restrictions to prevent these users from accessing all features when using Cinema8.


1. You can access Cinema8 Learning Center.

2. Create a new project button

3. You can access account settings.

4. Your account name